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New story “All Along” now public on the usual sites. 💙 :adipoHeart:

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• Weasyl:

(Also available on Medium, Tumblr, Fetlife, and FurryNetwork.)

Streaming Changed again for maybe an hour or so. or however long it takes to beat it, I think we're getting close ¬||¬ come hang out if you like.

New story “Kiwi” now public on the usual sites. ❤️ :muskHeart:

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• Weasyl:

(Also available on Medium, Tumblr, and FurryNetwork.)

wargh when the book you're reading fails at curly quotes in a way that suggests the publisher never even considered them

Christian music (+) 

lovely song that came up on pandora the other day and that's been with me tonight

this line especially:
"if you tarry till you're better / you will never come at all"

which felt super relevant to some not-good-enough feels in other arenas

New story “The Wrong Fear” now public on the usual sites. ❤️

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• Fur Affinity:
• Weasyl:

(Also available on Fetlife, Medium, Tumblr, and FurryNetwork.)

> sees an ugly opinion on Twitter
> spends half an hour or more reading the pile-on thread that ensues

> sees an ugly opinion on Mastodon
> “lemme just hit that mute button”

Just finished _Nihilumbra_.

First half easy, second half pretty hard ¬||¬

though it might've been easier if I'd known there were commands to change colors faster than going through the branch menu...

wasted time 

bedtime is 10

9:45: man, I'd better start gettin' ready for bed. Just have to floss and brush teeth

step 2: ????

11:00: roll into bed


Uhff I'll need to pack for MFF tomorrow…

Hmm… if I put it in my name it works under the web interface, but not in the Amaroq client apparently.

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"everything's casual gaming if you're good enough"

not beautiful, the :adipoHeart: one is a little muddy (but that's really a fault of the existing design i've run into before)

maybe I can tweak 'em over time, but not today

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took a moment to customize a couple of heart emojis in relevant colors

:muskHeart: :adipoHeart:

let's see how this works

executive dysfunction (-) 

Uhff I need hands outside me to lead me along

the controls to operate this beast from the inside don't generally function that well

even basic things like right now it'd be really nice to get myself some tea or just anything to drink...


> reply to someone's post with interest

> they delete and repost the post

> this happens more than once

> okay, I get it -||-

The kind of fellah you want to kneel beside and have him stroke behind your ears

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