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Uhff I'll need to pack for MFF tomorrow…

Hmm… if I put it in my name it works under the web interface, but not in the Amaroq client apparently.

"everything's casual gaming if you're good enough"

not beautiful, the :adipoHeart: one is a little muddy (but that's really a fault of the existing design i've run into before)

maybe I can tweak 'em over time, but not today

took a moment to customize a couple of heart emojis in relevant colors

:muskHeart: :adipoHeart:

let's see how this works

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The kind of fellah you want to kneel beside and have him stroke behind your ears

uhff I could do with a partner to share executive function with

I have a weird mental block on posting lewd here even though, like, a) this place has CWs so those who don't want to see it don't have to see it and b) the stuff is posted in public places already

Gonna try and get over it soon tho.

macOS trying to restore all apps after a crash is the exact opposite of a feature

"Not only are we restarting this app that crashed your system, we're also going to restart every other app that was running, too. At the same time, too."

There's an antifeature to bypass this with a special keypress, but ugh

uhff so many poor friends living with dental pain, it'd be nice if we lived in a civilized country or at least could provide care on a collective level

wargh forgetting what i was going to add to my to-do list during the act of bringing the to-do list up

> have an enormous conlang file i'm always terrible at moving into dictionaries and such

> oh right, i can solve this by programming

let's extract some data to process~

it's a nice-looking pikachu but it seems surprising to see his tail covered in the same kind of fur as the rest of him

just had a pretty powerful flashback to late-90s porn sites of the "you get a preview gallery and a promise of more if you're desperate and credulous enough to give your credit card" variety

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