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I go by Musky these days

I'm a beast (he/him), one o' them

I live in the area
I write fetish
And code in among other things
I invent languages ()
And I'm a who'd like to get pretty

I also dabble in , , furry art...

...when I'm not held down by executive dysfunction, anyway.

I do my best to look at the world through the lens of .

shirtless belly / lewd thoughts 

257 lbs
Take a moment to imagine yourself in charge of stuffing this, making it groan from the pressure of how full its gut is stuffed, the only relief it gets being the time spent preparing the next meal…

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CW: Gay, Adult art 

Commission for

For WIPS, HD versions, and work Timelapse check out my Thanks!

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NSFW re cartoon nudity / hyper arousal 

His special quirk is a magic menu that lets people put in physical or mental changes to him. (This has a tendency to result in Bad Ends.)

Big horny energy, hypersexual and will fuck anyone or anything (top or bottom). Just about any kink—almost of necessity, since anyone can change his interests—but naturally favoring stuff like tf, vore, cumflation, public, etc.

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regret, past ph 

wargh i wanted to do more with my foxtaur. feels like I lost a lot of his energy since —

well, I usually would have said 'since the before times' but really i'm starting to notice this and some other 'lost energies' (relationship stuff, keeping up with things like my youtube, etc) really happened more around the time i had my mrsa infection and recovery

dunno what to do about that

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Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I'm just learning to use Mastadon for the first time and figuring out all the bells and whistles. Interesting platform. Interesting platform that I'll keep tinkering with.

Oh but where are my manners. I'm Tobias Foxtail: Lover of being big, huge, fat, macro, a foxtaur, having four big foot paws and foxes in general.


#Furry #FurryFandom #Foxtaur #Introduction

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Fatfur kink art 

I can't think of a single person who could pass up the opportunity to stuff {} to the brim with all the food he could possibly desire and more? Those cheeks are practically BEGGING for it!

Gift art I've been meaning to draw for syc for ages, I just snagged some art from him which made this a good opportunity to do so!

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Shirtless and bare ass pic 

Paris treated me well. But boy I'm exhausted.
Glad to be back home to sleep my ass off the entire day.

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With the bears for support, Pon and Poko are practicing their transformation skills. But while Pon has the tanuki statue shape pretty much nailed down, Poko's effort ... well, let's say it still needs work.

Awesome commission by henjikotetsu (twitter) based on the transformation practice scene from the Studio Ghibli movie Pom Poko.

the middle line can go but the last line I really liked

"Friend to all monsters"

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I asked it about Homestuck, we eventually got to Toby Fox and Undertale. More haikus (not all that great).

Then I asked it to review the conversation and write a haiku about me:

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The boyf was having difficulty prompting it about Homestuck. I asked it to write a haiku about it.

Not super great, but something.

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chatting with and pretending to be a small language model hoping to learn from the master

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game stream going live 

Come hang out! Civ VI with today.

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